Non Stargate Fanfiction
On this page you will find ideas that I have had concerning stories that doesn't involve the Stargate series.  Feel free to use any of my ideas for your
story.  You will also find them on the Twisting the Hellmouth website.  If you would like your story posted to this website please e-mail me by clicking
on the link at the bottom of the page.
Challenge 1157 on TTH website: Buffy/X-men Crossover - Buffy's real parents
This is a what if challenge and it will be a total AU for both Buffy and X-men.  What if Hank and Joyce Summers were actually Christopher and Katherine Summers, parents of
Scott and Alex Summers.  Instead of dying, they survived the plane crash and belieiving their sons were dead (because they saw the parachute catch on fire) they changed their
names and moved to LA.  Shortly after moving to LA, they find out Joyce is pregnant with Buffy.  When Joyce dies, Buffy is going through her mother's things and finds a letter
and some pictures of her mom and dad with two boys and in the letter she finds out about her brothers.  Flash forward to after "Chosen," Buffy is in New York and literally runs
into Scott.  The setting for X-men should be between the first and second movie.  You could have Buffy's powers not only be Slayer but also mutant powers.  She was called as the
Slayer when she was fifteen but her mutant powers kicked in at the same time.
Challenge 1156 on TTH website: Buffy/Star Wars Crossover - Buffy links her mind with Obi-Wan
This has probably been done before but I'm putting the challenge out anyway.  Instead of Buffy jumping to safety at the end of "Chosen", she falls into a dimensional portal and
lands in the middle of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.  There Obi-Wan finds her and when he touches her to see if she is still alive, something happens and somehow Buffy's and
Obi-Wan's minds link together and they each feel what the other is feeling and what the other is thinking.  Yoda helps them to control it so they won't go crazy. Because of this,
Buffy tags along with Ben and by extension Anakin on their journeys.  You can have it be either just a really great friendship between Buffy and Ben or you can have it eventually
lead to love.  This can be set any time after "The Phantom Menace" possibly during "Attack of the Clones"  I would kind of like to see Buffy help Ben with his sadness and guilt
after he defeats Anakin in "Revenge of the Sith" and she goes with Ben to Tatooine and help him keep and eye on Luke.
Challenge 1127 on TTH website: Buffy protecting Harry - a Buffy/Harry Potter Crossover with a twist
Time line: BtVS - After the end of the series with a slight alternate reality for the summer of Season 2.  Harry Potter - After book 6 with a slight alternate reality.  Dumbledore
wasn't killed by Snape.  Somehow he avoided the killing curse but pretended to be dead.  Only Harry, Hermoine, the Weasly clan (minus Percy), and the members of the Order of
Phoenix (minus Snape) know that he is alive.  You will probably have to flash back to the summer after season 2 for BtVS because that is when Buffy would have met
Dumbledore and the old Order of Phoenix the first time. Might need to fudge the timeline for Harry Potter.
Synopsis:  What if when Buffy was living in LA after sending Angel to Hell, she never meets up with the girl form her high school  and goes to a hell dimension.  Instead, she falls
into a time portal that transport her back in time to Hogwarts on Harry's first birthday.  While there, she joins the Order of Phoenix to help them defeat Voldemort and forms a
bond with baby Harry.  She, like the others, was unable to save Lily and James and shortly afterwards Dumbledore was able to reopen the portal to send her back to her own
time in LA.  Before she leaves, she tells Dumbledore that if he ever needs help in the future to seek her out and she will come and help.  5 years later (Buffy's time) Buffy and
the gang have just defeated the First and is temporarily living in LA at Angel's old hotel the Hyperion.  Buffy is trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life when
Dumbledore apparates into the hotel and tells Buffy that Harry needs her help.  Only have Buffy bring Willow, Xander and Giles with her.  Faith and Robin are staying behind
with the other slayers to train and set up shop in Cleveland.  This should be a Buffy/Harry relationship fic.  Even though Harry will only be 17 when she joins them, Buffy will only
be 22 so there is not that much of an age difference.  Besides, even though they are both young, there souls are old.
Challenge 3399 on TTH website:  Buffy Amsterdam?
Yes you are correct, this is another Buffy's real family challenge. What if Joyce was in New York for a short time looking at the galleries and meets John Amsterdam and has an
affair with him and Buffy was the result. Buffy knows who her real father is and after she kills Angel, she runs away to New York instead of LA to find her father and stays to
live with him.
Challenge 3884 on TTH website: Sanctuary for Buffy
Dr. Helen Magnus offers sanctuary to those beings who want it or need it. Some are very dangerous and some are not. What if after Buffy sends Angel to a hell at the end of
Season two, she runs into Dr. Magnus in L.A. and Helen offers Buffy sanctuary. Buffy goes with her and helps her with her work in capturing beings and helping her train her
daughter Ashley. Also Helen helps Buffy in dealing with her guilt and sadness of losing Angel. You can have it totally AU where Buffy stays with Helen and Ashley or you can
have Buffy going back to Sunnydale like she did in the episode Anne. It's up to the writer who decides to take on the challenge. If you decide to write where she goes back, there
can be no Will Zimmerman since he doesn't know Sanctuary exists since this will be in BTVS time frame.